With Ocean Protect initiating both the WSUD Maintenance Compliance Framework and the National WSUD Compliance Network, and the involvement of a large range of stakeholders in the Network, some individuals or organisations may have some potential concerns or questions.

To help address these potential concerns and questions, this page provides a list of points that should provide some clarity. However, if you have any concerns or questions, please contact us via email or raise these in a Network meeting.


The intention is that the Network exists to help hold the development of the Framework accountable and transparent. It also provides an opportunity for the industry to provide feedback for the Framework to help its continual evolution to meet the needs of the Australian stormwater industry.

The Framework is being developed to provide information, resources, and tools that Councils will likely need to implement a WSUD maintenance compliance program. It will then be up to each individual Council to use this in a way that is appropriate and relevant for them. Ocean Protect has no final say on anything, and the Framework (developed in consultation with the industry) is just providing recommendations and information, and it is then up to each Council to decide how they want to act on those recommendations and information.

This means that Councils will be in full control of the data and information, and that Ocean Protect or any external stakeholder will not be receiving any special treatment or benefits in relation to this. Further, Ocean Protect or any external stakeholder will not be involved in the enforcement of compliance, as it will be the Councils that are enforcing and managing compliance.

There are numerous ways for individuals and organisations to be involved with the development of the Framework with their capacity and ability in mind (e.g., attending and participating in Network meetings). Due to the complexity and scale of the project, all feedback, input, and contribution from all within the industry is welcomed and encouraged. More information about this can be found on the Network page.

Ocean Protect initiated both the Framework and Network to have these established properly. However, the intention is that the these eventually fall under the responsibility of another organisation, that is suitably capable and willing, and can appropriately manage both, once both have been established.

There is a potential financial long-term benefit for Ocean Protect in the improvement of WSUD maintenance compliance. However, this same potential benefit will be equally available to all businesses offering similar services as Ocean Protect (e.g., maintenance of stormwater treatment assets). Ocean Protect saw an obvious need to help better protect the environment through helping improve WSUD maintenance compliance. Ocean Protect is trying to do this by providing the industry with the information and resources they will likely need, and by helping create a fair and equal space for businesses, while also protecting other industry stakeholders (e.g., asset owners).

Due to the nature of this project, there is the chance that conflicts of interest will arise within the development of the Framework and/or the operating of the Network. That is why controls have been put in place for any actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest. These conflicts of interests could apply to a range of stakeholders (e.g. Network participants or Ocean Protect). The things put in place ensure that:

  1. all relevant stakeholders have the chance to be involved in the Network and the Framework
  2. the Framework is held accountable and is transparent, and
  3. stakeholders have flexibility in their use of the Framework.


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