Network Meeting August 2023

This was the first meeting of the National WSUD Compliance Working Group (originally called the National WSUD Compliance Committee). This meeting looked at some basics of the meeting and future meetings and had a discussion on the WSUD Maintenance Compliance Framework.

The initial meeting for this group was held on this date and saw a large turnout with people coming from across Australia from a range of different organisations (e.g. councils, catchment groups, and state governments). A range of basic information was provided on the group, there was a discussion on the WSUD Maintenance Compliance Framework, and there was a poll and survey conducted at this meeting to understand what the group thought of the meeting.

The outcomes from the meeting were:

  1. The group’s name should change from “National WSUD Compliance Committee” to “National WSUD Compliance Network”.
  2. People want the group to meet every second month, on a Wednesday, and go for around a 60-minute duration (with an option to extend if needed), at 2pm.
  3. People found the opportunities with this group as promising and a great initiative.
  4. People would be interested in knowledge sharing in these meetings, and hearing from others about things like case studies, lessons, failures, experiences, and legal side of compliance.
  5. People would be interested in hearing more about the WSUD Maintenance Compliance Framework. This would include more information on it’s components, funding, timelines, and how to support it.

This meeting was led by Daniel Rider (Ocean Protect’s WSUD Specialist). If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact Daniel on

To access the slides from this meeting please click Download below


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