Network Meeting February 2024

This was the third meeting of the National WSUD Compliance Network. This meeting looked at providing an update on the development of the WSUD Maintenance Compliance Framework, and had a short talk from Stormwater NSW President and Cooks River Alliance Executive Officer Dr Andrew Thomas.

The third meeting for this group was held on February 28th 2024 and saw a range of interested individuals come together to discuss WSUD compliance. This meeting started off with a word from Dr Andrew Thomas about his thoughts on the WSUD Maintenance Compliance Framework and the industry, and this was then followed by an update from Ocean Protect’s Daniel Rider about the WSUD Maintenance Compliance Framework.

The update looked at the work Daniel has done to date, and the upcoming timeline for the project and relevant events.

This meeting was led by Daniel Rider (Ocean Protect’s WSUD Specialist). If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact Daniel on


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