The goal is for the WSUD Maintenance Compliance Framework to be the solution for the Australian stormwater industry for maintenance of private and public WSUD assets. To ensure that this Framework meets everyone needs and wants, the National WSUD Compliance Network was established. This Network is a group of relevant and interested stakeholders that want to remain up to date with the Framework, but also can provide feedback for it, and discuss other WSUD issues being faced by Councils.

About the meetings

This committee meets for 1.5 hours every second month. The structure of the meetings are:

  1. Updates on the Framework: Updates provided on the development of the WSUD Maintenance Compliance Framework.
  2. Feedback on the Framework: Attendees can provide feedback for the Framework.
  3. Discussion on other WSUD issues: Attendees can raise and discuss issues they are facing with WSUD.

The meetings will be recorded and be available on this website for people unable to attend the meeting.

Network Participants

Anyone is welcome to join the Networks meetings without any commitment or obligation.


Individuals and organisations can be involved in numerous ways, with these being:

Individuals and organisations can attend meetings or watch meeting recordings when they want without any formal commitment or obligation. This form of involvement exists to ensure that everyone does have the opportunity to be involved in discussions, including people unable to provide a formal commitment to a project or a group due to capacity or other reasons.

Organisations can provide in-principle support for the WSUD Maintenance Compliance Framework.

Individuals and organisations can be a project partner for the WSUD Maintenance Compliance Framework. They are expected to attend Network meetings about the project and provide a significant contribution to the development of the Framework, such as through capacity, resourcing, and/or funding.

If you would like to be involved and/or provide support for the National WSUD Compliance Network and/or the WSUD Maintenance Compliance Framework, please  email


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