To implement and operate a WSUD maintenance compliance program, you will need a range of information, resources, and tools, and some of these are provided as the WSUD Maintenance Compliance Framework. This includes:

This document provides information for Framework users on how a compliance program could be operated, and how and when to use the components of the Framework (e.g. when to send letters and fact sheets, and when to update the WSUD Information Management System).

These flowcharts provide a visual representation of how a compliance program could operate based upon the information, resources, and tools provided within the Framework. It indicates how everything connects between processes and activities.

This Microsoft-based mockup system demonstrates how an information and technological system could be setup to operate a compliance program. This system has been setup by connecting the WSUD System Compliance Form (Microsoft Form) with the WSUD Information Management System (Microsoft Excel) through the WSUD system compliance form process (Microsoft Power Automate). This system demonstrates how compliance data can be stored and managed in an effective way to help users figure out how they can improve and update their internals systems for a compliance program. 

This information is provided to help Councils and other stakeholders understand the legal side of WSUD maintenance compliance. This information comes from the independent legal review conducted for NSW, Queensland, and Victoria as part of the Framework development.

These draft conditions of consent are provided as part of the Framework to help develop part of the legal foundation for compliance programs.

This content has been prepared to be placed within organisation’s letter templates and provide the necessary content for the letters that could be sent throughout a compliance program.

This content has been prepared to be placed within Councils fact sheet templates and provide the necessary content for the fact sheets that can exist within a compliance program.

This template has been prepared to demonstrate how a management plan could look like for a WSUD system in a compliance program.

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